[comet.jpeg - picture] image analysis for the comet assay

macros for NIH-Image (mac) and Scion Image (pc)

the functionality of these macros is comparable to commercial programs (some say they are even faster and easier to use). a description can be found in: Helma C and Uhl M (2000) A public domain image analysis program for the single cell electrophoresis (comet) assay, Mutation Research 466, 9-15. if you publish work based on this program you should cite this paper in your references.

users of scion image: please download scion_comet1.3. it contains workarounds for a few problems with scion image. it was provided by Tom Morton from scion. thanks!

in case of problems: please read the documentation and the FAQ first, then feel free to ask me.

comet1.4 and scion_comet1.3 are distributed as free software. please make shure, that you read the LICENSE before download.

please send comments to helma@in-silico.de.
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